BuzzFeed Declares: Olympic Athlete Who Pooped His Pants During Race is a Real Hero.

On Friday,02c21e7506dd490299699a933800b128 August 19, Yohann Diniz, a race walker from France was competing in the 50 Kilometer racewalk final.  About 45 minutes in the race, Diniz began defecating and bleeding from his anus.  In an attempt to stop the steady stream, Diniz placed a sponge down the back of his shorts to act as a giant “man-pon.”  The feces and blood streamed down his leg for another 20 kilometers before he finished the race in eighth place.


There’s no doubt that Diniz showed incredible resiliency during the race.  Kudos are deserved for his perseverance and drive; but a “hero”, he is not.

3859635684b34ac64081ce3a0c6bf1ddMaybe Stephanie McNeal, the author of this article, was merely being hyperbolic; or maybe Ms. McNeal has never met a real hero.  But I can assure you that when it comes to the title of hero, the bar has been set pretty high.

Officer Jorge Barrientos was injured during an ambush in Dallas that killed 5 Police Officers.  The first shot hit Officer Michael Krol, who stood just a few feet away from Barrientos.  Krol screamed and fell to the ground. When the shooting appeared to begin dying down, Barrientos and his colleagues began loading three fallen officers into patrol cars to rush them to the hospital. In the process, Barrientos was shot in the hand and struck by shrapnel in his chest.

One of the officers Barrientos tried to save had a bullet wound to his chest. In a desperate bid to try and prevent the officer’s lung from collapsing, Barrientos grabbed the plastic from a box of cigarettes he keeps in his pocket and tried to use it to create a seal and stop the bleeding.

Officer Jorge Barrientos is a hero.8f34c1418a4b5fea19d1b3d14fabfab0

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