Glenn Beck Predicts “Civil Unrest and War on a Global Scale”

glenn beckOn the August 23, 2016 Kelly File on Fox News, she hosted Glenn Beck (The Blaze) to discuss both political candidates.  Beck is not a Trump supported, stating that he does not believe anything that Trump has said.  Beck also said that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a long history of not telling the truth.

Beck also said, “Both sides are starting to come apart with anger.”  He also likened the current political climate as really bad, racist style anger; pointing to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Considering Beck’s position on both candidates, Kelly asked him “One of these people will be the President, how do you see America in four years from now?”

Beck answered, “It’s a loaded gun, with six bullets in the chambers, but one of them may be defective…”  Kelly pressed him and asked if he was staying home on election day.  Beck said he would be voting for the under ticket.

After Beck said that both major party candidates were dangerous to the country, Kelly asked again, “How do you see the country four years from that point.  The never shy Beck said that best case scenario would be Bill Clinton playing a very active role in Hillary’s Presidency.  On Trump he said that best case scenario was he Megan Kelly is completely wrong about him.  Beck continued by saying, “I think this is more probable than not, he becomes a guy that becomes way off the rails with the constitution and we’re looking at a south American kind of situation with him.

That’s when Beck began to share his views on where the world is headed, in general – “People don’t understand what’s coming.  What is coming is civil unrest, war on a global scale and an economic situation that we haven’t seen since the 1930’s.  That is what this president will be facing and I will tell you, I don’t trust either of them.”

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