Go Topless Day Is Anti-Woman

Go2 One of the trending topics on Facebook has been Go Topless Day.  The irony about Go Topless Day is that it is intentionally celebrated on Women’s Equality Day, every year.

Male writers, hack comedians and radio hosts are lining up to be the wacky person to support bare breasted women.

Go Topless Day was founded by Rael, the leader of the Raelians, in response to the arrest of Phoenix Feeley, a topless activist who was arrested for being topless in public in New York in 2005. The city of New York ended up settling with Feeley for $29,000 because toplessness is actually legal there.

Raelians are a movement that believe humans were created by extraterrestrials who will return and teach us their advanced technologies once we have learned how to make peace with one another—so, a really long time from now. They have very liberal views on sex, love GMOs, believe cloning is the key to immortal life, and they’re also big advocates for a woman’s right to go topless.  This isn’t an attempt at trolling, these nuts really started the movement to “free the nipple.”

go4The trouble with Go Topless Day is that it detracts from the original purpose of Women’s Equality Day, a celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment (right to vote).

Ladies, taking your shirts and bras off is not going to get you any rights that you don’t already have.  It will, however, get you objectified and taken much less seriously.


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