I’m Voting for Trump Because, Fuck You!

Trump 3I have to be honest, when measured against my common sense, my moral compass or my value system; the though of voting for Donald Trump makes me nauseous.  Yes, I get sick to my stomach.  Let’s face it, the guy sucks.  Sure, he’s bombastic and funny, he’s anti-PC and makes the liberals crazy but he doesn’t stand for the same principles that I do.  What’s most concerning to me is, when it comes to the ideas I do agree with him on, I don’t believe he truly feels that way.

Now, before you cast me out like Ben Shapiro, relax!  I just said I’m voting for Trump!  But I don’t have to be happy about it and neither do you.

As soon as Trump hit the required 1,237 delegates, I jumped on the Trump train.  I have the requisite signage in my yard to prove it; right beside by Gadsden and American flag.  I even went on my own Trump campaign, touching base with every undecided voter I knew.  Hell, I think I even changed some minds.  But as more time passes, and I see him commit stupid mistake after stupid mistake, I feel that acid reflux creep up my throat and think, “fuck, I’m voting for Trump.”

One would think that, considering the gastrointestinal disturbance he brings out in me, I would never cast a vote for him.  The truth, however, is that I didn’t come to this decision on my own.  The liberals made my decision for me.  You told me that my heritage and history should be burned to the ground, even though it created the modern world.  The left insisted that, in the name tolerance, I allow men to use the bathroom with my pre-teen daughter.  Despite the ever encroaching threat of terrorism, you want to strip me of ability to defend my family.  You allowed Americans to die in Benghazi for the sake of winning a second term.  The left endorsed the actions and rhetoric of racist organizations like Black Lives Matter and worst of all; you used the memorial service for five fallen Police Officers as an opportunity to tell us how racist we are.

You, my liberal brother, made my decision for me and the death of those five heroes was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  So let me remove any doubt about my intentions.  I don’t care that he doesn’t know Crimea was a part of Ukraine.  I don’t care that he jokes about Russians hacking the DNC’s email server.  I don’t care that he offended millions of illegal aliens.

I’m voting for Trump because it pisses you off.  I’m voting for Trump because I want you to feel the way I do.  I’m voting for Trump because, FUCK YOU.

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