Left Attempt to Troll Right with First Black Mary Jane Parker – Fails Miserably

It’s a rough mornizendayang for lefties.  Big news in the comic movie industry hit the wires when it was revealed that the part of Mary Jane Watson would be played by Zendaya in the upcoming “Spiderman – Homecoming” movie.  Race baiting lefties were hoping for a major backlash from die hard comic fans, who would insist that the iconic, Mary Jane, be played by a white actress with red hair.

Unfortunately for the libs, response has been largely supportive.  Why?  Well it turns out, Zendaya is ridiculously hot! As an actress playing Mary Jane should be.

“Face it, Tiger… you just hit the jackpot!”, Mary Jane’s first words to Peter, is a well known quotation in superhero comic book history.  Peter is previously unaware of what Mary Jane looks like prior to their first meeting, set up by Peter’s Aunt.

Zendaya, best known for her role on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up as Rocky Blue, was born in Oakland, California, the daughter of Claire Marie (Stoermer) and Kazembe Ajamu (born Samuel David Coleman). Her father is African-American, with roots in Arkansas; her mother is white, with German and Scottish ancestry.

What the libs got wrong is, we don’t care that you cast an zendaya parentsultra gorgeous half white/black actress as a red headed white girl.  We can suspend disbelief as long as the actress portrays the role well.  What we do have a problem with is when you try to lampoon iconic American characters just for the sake of diversity.

A good example of this type of diversity trolling is the recent push to have Captain America come out as gay.  We don’t have a problem with gay men; in fact, we believe that Captain America has the constitutional right to date whoever the hell he wants to.  But, the fact is, he isn’t gay and was never written that way.  We know that when you take on these causes, its done with the full intent to troll us.

HuffZenJames Bond, for example, is rumored to be cast as a woman in an upcoming film.  Here’s my prediction – the movie will absolutely tank.  Not because we’re anti-woman, but became James Bond is one of the most famous fictional playboys ever created!  His appeal is based on his uncanny ability to save the day AND his epic encounters with the “bond girls.”

I’m excited to see this beautiful young lady in the next version of Spiderman.  Sorry libs, mission failed.

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