Liberal Study: Conservatism is Alive and Well With Millennials

Ah, the millennial generation.  Many an article on has ridiculed the generation of hand outs and laziness.  But a recent study based on polling conducted by University of Chicago, Black Youth Project has uncovered some interesting results ( ).

The study tells us a lot of what we already know about African American opinions on Black Lives Matter, Latino opinions on immigration and political leanings of minorities.

The surprising part is the opinions of white youths.  The chart below represents support for presidential candidates by race among Americans 18 -30 years of age.

In the chart, you’ll find that support for Hillary Clinton among black youths is strong, with 60% of those polled choosing her.  With white youths, however, the choice is a statistical tie between Clinton and Trump, both polling at 28% respectively.

Support for Candidates


This chart represents opinions on each candidate’s honesty and trustworthiness.  Again, surprising results here with white youths selecting Trump 29% of the time and Clinton 17% of the time.  It’s worth pointing out that both ratings are ridiculously low and show how youth feels about this election in general.

Honest and Trust


The poll also covered the top 3 voting issues for youths by race.  Results here were equally surprising, with conservative values winning the top 3 spots for white youths.


The next topic tackled by the far left group was violence against blacks and violence against police.  In this case, all of the the minority groups voted in a manner that showed more of those polled thought violence against blacks was more of an issue than violence against police.

In the case of white youths, however, 43% of respondents thought violence against blacks was a very serious problem, while 63% of respondents thought violence against police was a very serious problem.

Issues 2


Up next, does the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter encourage violence against police?  Not surprisingly, 80% of black respondents said, no – Black Lives Matter rhetoric does not encourage violence.

However, 66% of white youth respondents said, Black Lives Matter rhetoric DOES encourage violence against police.

It should be noted that one poll showed 51% of white youth respondents also said they strongly or somewhat support BLM.  This number is total garbage though.  The gap between ‘strongly support’ and ‘somewhat support’ is about as wide as the Grand Canyon   The study should have broken those two figures out.

issues 3

This study and the supporting polls were flawed from top to bottom.  It was clear that, in many cases, responses were bucketed together to give the appearance of majority when non existed.  But this is what we’ve come to expect from liberal studies

The light at the end of a long dark tunnel here, is the conservative undertones in the data.  Although, the questions were reflective of values specifically, one can gather that bases on the responses from white youths; there are some conservative minded millennial out there. There may even be some Republicans, they just don’t know it yet.


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