Media Seizes Opportunity to Ask Clinton Questions Since Her Last Press Conference 280 Days Ago

It’s been 280 days since Hillary Clinton has held a press conference.  The elusive presidential candidate has built a reputation for avoiding unvetted questions from the media.  Earlier today, the media boarded a plane for the first time with Clinton.

The campaign has waited as long as they possibly could to allow the press to travel with them.  Having been so long since they’ve had an opportunity to ask questions of Hillary, the media was like a pack of ravenous dogs waiting to pounce.

Before take-off, Hillary came to the back of the plane to greet the media.  A flurry of questions came from all sides on such hard hitting topics, like:

“How was your Labor Day weekend?”

“Do you have a Labor Day message?”

“Are you ready?”

Brutal.. just brutal..


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