Rapper Shot During Black Lives Matter Video Shoot

yella2A Chicago rapper has been shot while shooting a video in support of Black Lives Matter and calling for non-violence. The bloody attack adds to Chicago’s worrisome statistics as the city saw nearly 10 people shot in one day alone this week.

King Yella’s shooting was recorded on video, which he shared on his Instagram account. In the footage, the rapper is seen preparing to record his music video as bullets are fired toward him from a passing vehicle.

Earlier this week, Yella called on people to show up for a recording of his music video in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, urging everyone who would come to wear blue and red shirts.

Yella was one of nearly a dozen shooting victims in Chicago on Wednesday alone, all following a bloody weekend of more gun violence.

One shooting saw a fatality, as a 28-year-old man, identified as Travis Allen, died of his injuries in a hospital. According to the Chicago Tribune, Allen was sitting in a car, when an unidentified shooter opened fire. The man got out of his vehicle and tried to run away, when he was shot several times.

Another nine people, aged between 15 years old and mid-twenties, sustained wounds in separate shootings in different parts of the city.

Over the weekend, Chicago became a crime scene for four deadly shootings. At least 35 people were wounded, including a 7-year old girl.

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