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syria2Syria has been engulfed in a bloody civil war between Bashar al-Assad’s government regime and rebel forces since 2011, while the US-led coalition battles with Islamic State.

Despite violent fighting raging across the country, Syria’s tourism board is still attempting to attract vacationers to the area.

A video, which appears to be drone footage, attempts to show a completely different side to Syria.

In the two-minute clip, viewers are shown aerial shots of the coastal town of Tartus as vacationers can be seen enjoying crystal clear water and sandy beaches with no signs of the battle affecting the country.

Large crowds can also be seen jet-skiing as areas on the beach fill up with those flocking to sun loungers.

syria3Tartus, which is controlled by Assad’s regime, sits on the Mediterranean coast and houses Syria’s second largest port and a Russian naval base.

Earlier this year, the city was struck by a series of suicide bombings, which ISIS claimed responsibility for.

It was reported that 140 people were killed in the coordinated attacks, which also hit Jableh 41 miles north.

The port city is roughly a 58-mile drive to the besieged city of Homs, where skirmishes between government forces and rebels have resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians.

Just this weekend footage emerged of a child being treated for burns sustained after government warplanes attacked the area of al-Waer with napalm.

The ongoing violence between Assad’s forces, rebel troops, and ISIS has resulted in the death of an estimated 470,000 people, with many more displaced from their homes.

The UN’s Syria Regional Refugee Response team have calculated the official number of displaced people at 4.8million.

In a statement on the ministry’s official Facebook page, they claim the country has experienced a 30 percent increase in tourism levels across the country.










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