Trolls Borrows SJW Tactic, Libs Predictably Offended

amyEarlier tonight, Cole Delbyck from The Huffington Post took to his keyboard to express his outage over the cold reception Amy Schumer’s new book is receiving on  To be clear, many of the 47 – one star reviews submitted to Amazon’s site are clearly fake.

The motive behind the negative reviews of The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is not immediately clear but it has sparked a war of good vs. bad reviews. Delbyck reports that a group Redditors have been encouraging each other to move the needle as low as possible, in terms of the book’s customer review rating.

Lost in the story is the obvious irony.  The field of social media battles is littered with the now suspended twitter and facebook accounts of right minded thinkers.  Social justice warriors figuratively patented the technique of ruining conservative’s personal lives and careers for opinions expressed on social media.

A page out of the SJW book has been adopted by these, albeit, annoying trolls – and it is hysterical.  Sorry Amy, you probably should have stuck to comedy and stayed out of politics.  Good luck with the book.

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