Violence on French Roadway – Migrants Try to Force Their Way Into UK

calais2 The BBC published an article on Thursday showing a video of “people-smugglers going to extreme lengths to get migrants in Calais (France) across the Channel to Kent”.  Kent is a British town across the English Channel.

The lawless Calais “jungle” camp is now home to more than 9,000 Britain-bound migrants.

Placing debris on motorways to stop vehicles and then ambush them is a familiar tactic used in Calais. At the beginning of this month, a truck driver was threatened with a chainsaw and a truck smashed and set on fire.

calais3And just a few weeks ago, migrants wielding bats and knives smashed up vehicles on roads near the town as their owners sat in traffic, reportedly “just for fun”.

In June, battles between illegal migrants and French police caused huge delays. On Monday night a 37-year-old Ethiopian migrant was killed and 15 others seriously injured during a “hugely violent” fight between rival UK-bound gangs from Sudan and Afghanistan.

Recently, there has been a massive rise in the numbers camped near the town, rising from 4,000 to 9,000 in just a few months.

With increased security and razor wire fencing surrounding Calais’s migrant camp and the seaport, migrants have become increasing audacious and violent in their attempts to enter the UK illegally.

calaisCalais authorities told the BBC that some roads are now a “no-go zone” between midnight and 6am.

Calais’ mayor has called the ‘Jungle’ camp “uncontrollable” as police numbers decrease and migrant numbers increase.

“It has been over a year since I have been asking for the army to come”, he said, adding: “There is a state of war in France and Calais…”

With all these migrants hell bent on entering the UK, it begs the question, why not just stay in France?


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