WATCH: Former Pharma CEO (Shkreli) Heckles Hillary

Donald Trump supporter and this week’s King of Internet Trolling, Martin Shkreli heckled Hillary Clinton when she left daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment on Sunday after feeling ill at a 9/11 ceremony.

Shkreli even posted a video  (below) on his Twitter page that showed him yelling at the Democratic presidential candidate: “Are you alive? Do you need Pharma Bro’s help?”

His hysterical heckling is throwing the left’s tactics right back in their faces.  The right has been content to allow protestors to ridicule and attack them at Trump rallies.  I’m not advocating violence, but doesn’t it feel good to see someone give it to the left in the same annoying fashion?  Kudos, Mr. Shkreli, you may be starting a movement.

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