WATCH: Migrants Create Wall of Fire Across Road to Hijack British Trucks

Terrifying dashcam footage from Calais sees a British-bound truck face a life-threatening ‘wall of fire’ lit across the road.  The video of the midnight terror shows the trucks refuse to stop – instead, the drivers force their vehicles through the dangerous inferno.

Migrants had planted the dramatic blaze in order to bring busy lorry traffic in Calais to a standstill, before sneaking on board a vehicle. Flames can be seen streaking across the road following the carefully orchestrated roadblock of flames.

The blaze stretches across the entire road with smoke rising into the night while a number of men dash across the carriageway.

Many trucks slow as they approach the flames and some cars can be seen halted at the side of the road – which the migrant men run towards.

However, both the truck in front and the truck filming show no signs of slowing as they charge through the inferno.  They refuse to let the determined men clamber aboard their vehicles.

The scene comes as Katie Hopkins warned her LBC audience that a driver’s death along the Calais was inevitable.  She said that it “won’t be long” until a trucker is killed by the migrants desperate to reach Britain.

The many improvised barricade attempts in Calais have included hay bales, tires and wood set on fire to block trucks.  Other more dangerous scenes have revealed migrants hurling concrete bricks.

In August mobs of migrants attacked vehicles and smashed windows with crowbars and baseball bats in a bid to board UK-bound vehicles, even going as far as hijacking cars.

Rioting migrants were also accused of threatening a truck driver with a chainsaw.


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